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The Belgian Tank Museum presents in close cooperation with the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History in Brussels a collection of armored vehicles.
This collection was started in 1978 by the late Lt. Gen. Roger DE WANDRE and contains many vehicles of all types and origins, American, British, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Czech and ... Belgian.

These tanks were operational or during the first two world wars, during the Korean War, the Cold War, or, more recently, the "regional" conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

Currently the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History reorganizes itself, after the reorganization the vehicles are will see in Brussels, Bastogne, and Brasschaat (Antwerp).

Non-limiting list

Brussels (Room 14/18 and courtyard)
World War I: MK IV, Renault FT17, Whippet.
World War II: T13, Citro├źn Kegresse, Bren Carrier Vickers Utility, Daimler Mk I Armoured Car Daimler Dingo scout car
Belgian armored vehicles after 1945: M26, M24 Chaffee, M41 Walker Bulldog, Cati 90mm, M47 Patton, Leopard 1A5, CVRT Scorpio, M113 (AIVF)

Bastogne: armored vehicles from World War II, Sherman (including Jumbo and Firefly) M24Chaffee, T34/85, Stug III, Grant, Mathilda II, Matador, Staghound, JS III, Hetzer, Stuart ...

Brasschaat Restoration of Churchill, Leopard 1, Panhard EBR, DAF YP 408 OT 810.
Armored vehicles from the Korean War and the Cold War: T72, Chieftain, STRV103 "S tank", AMX 30, AMX13, M46 Patton, CVRT (various types), Bergepanzer, Leopard prototype, COBRA ACEC, JPK ...

The president

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